Fine Dining

The simplicity but also the uniqueness of the Villa Margaret restaurant, which our guests will be happy to confirm, is the product of effort, knowledge and the will for the best. We have changed the way we approach and understand food and dining. Researching the history of the gastronomy of these areas has resulted in an inspiring journey created by the restaurant concept.

Emphasis is placed on local, organic products and Croatian delicacies are served daily. The menus are served in several sequences, while the same is created that day considering the selection of freshly caught fish, the offer of groceries from our own garden and the grocery season. Of course, there is always an à la carte option.

What’s on the List of seafood dishes / common choice

  • Scorpionfish (škarpina), European Hake (oslić)
  • Dishes of lobsters, oysters, mussels & crabs
  • Mussels, squids, crabs
  • Mackerel (skuša), Common pandora (Arbun)
  • Our extra virgin olive oil as the golden touch of every dish
Filleted fish of our nets
Shrimps / local

Moreover, during all months, guests are seated in a specially decorated restaurant area and enjoy a meal by the pool and a beautiful sea view.

We also offer an extensive list of Croatian wines, which allows meals to explore couples with dishes from the menu. Below is just a sample * menu & wines /selection varies for the above reasons ( *making a new one)