Love for the family - love for tradition

After three decades of successfully operating as a bed and breakfast, Villa Margaret was completely refurbished in 2015. It now opens its doors as a premium four-star hotel. Well-equipped rooms and apartments, the privacy of a small family hotel, friendly and accommodating staff, and the Mediterranean and local cuisine delicacies prepared with ingredients grown in our own garden will make your stay unforgettable. Wake up to the sound of birds and waves and the rosy morning sun, and start the day by having breakfast on the terrace right on the seafront.

According to independent reviews, this is a favorite part of Malinska for our guests.


Our Standard

1. Choose music carefully.
Choosing the right background music for restaurants is key to providing a good catering experience. It is a user experience.
2. Never serve food that has expired.
The day or date indicated by the food production facility may not exceed the date of use of the manufacturer if the manufacturer has set a date of use based on food safety. Home-grown groceries are consumed almost on the same day.
3. Keep the restaurant spotless.
Kitchen, floors, dining room, toilets. Excellent food attracts gourmets to restaurants. But clean, well-kept dining and kitchen areas persuade you to keep coming back. By keeping the restaurant clean, our tables never have to wait for customers.
4. Make deliberate choices with lighting.
Like magic, lighting in a restaurant works best when you don’t see it working at all. We want you to feel comfortable, unencumbered and satisfied. In every context of the senses.