Breakfast Buffet overlooking the Sea!

Buffet Breakfast overlooking the sea features a considerable amount of Croatian foods taken from the core of the traditional Mediterranean eating routine such as fruits and vegetables, Prosciutto, island cheeses, and olive oil.
We make bread and other pastries ourselves, which we are always happy to point out because that way we know what types of flour and spices the final product contains. We cook with gluten-free, not only pastries but also pasta, cakes; according to customer needs, / conditionally through their health conditions.
Also offer salmon and tuna pate, mozzarella and other cheeses, ham and hummus (offered differently every day). Different types of vegetables from own cultivation, homegrown eggs & herbs.
If you prefer simpler, faster and healthier combinations, as part of the breakfast buffet, we offer cereal blends, mainly oat, wheat and corn flakes, amaranth, quinoa, barley, buckwheat and rice, nuts, dried fruit, honey (honeycomb honey) and spices.

Freshly squeezed fruit juices (orange, lemon and other fruit species) and water flavoured with cucumber, lemon, pepper are also available.