Villa Margaret


Ivan Šabalja

Marija and Ivan are the founders of this wonderful and successful family business that has lasted for more than three decades. Ivan spent seven years in the United States getting professional training and gaining precious experience as a chef. His unrelenting passion for cooking has started 50 years ago at the age of 17!   

Although he is now in retirement, he has never been more active, and he is very proud that his yearlong work resulted in a big and happy family that is fully committed to tourism. Ivan passes his culinary knowledge on to his son Nenad, but what he enjoys the most is spending time in his garden and fishing.

Marija Šabalja

Marija dedicated her whole life to her children and family. The priorities for her and her husband have always been family and togetherness, which were also the driving force of their family business. Marija and Ivan laid the foundations that were later recognised as the first organised tourist offer in Porat.   

Marija and Ivan have been happily married for more than four decades, which is also the proof that a family is the biggest treasure in a man’s life. Marija is honoured to be able to help running the hotel and enjoys the results of their joint efforts.   


Antonija is Nenad’s wife and a mother of three. Most often, you will find her helping with the bar or landscaping area around the hotel. Just like Marija, she has also set the family as the top priority in her life, and therefore she perceives herself primarily as a wife and a mother. Their marriage has been a happy one for almost 20 years. Although she graduated from a faculty of economics, her love for tourism lead her to a different job and life.       


Nenad is Ivan’s son and one of his three children. He runs the hotel now and he is leading it into a modern future. Ever since the beginning of his professional development, he followed in his father’s footsteps. He attended a school of hospitality where he studied to be a chef, and he mastered his profession in the United States just like his father. He played an important role and provided the crucial guidelines in building this impressive and very functional hotel. Just like a real Šabalja, Nenad is responsible for a lot of things in this family that has been dedicated to tourism for decades – he is not only the main chef, he also takes care of fishing and growing crops. However, after all the work has been done, he goes back to being just a father of his three children with whom he sincerely enjoys his family life.   


Deni and his wife Doris manage the family tavern called Bracera which, together with their contribution in the area of hospitality, has been recognised as an outstanding gourmet pleasure that leans on the experience, excellent local ingredients and culinary knowledge. Deni attended a school of hospitality and mastered his knowledge in Italy. In the family hotel business, he is responsible for the restaurant. 


Deni’s wife Doris is responsible for the administration and accounting of all family activities. She works exceedingly hard and yet manages to keep a smile on her face at all times and be a devoted mother and wife because family always comes first in the Šabalja family. You can quite often find her helping Deni either in Bracera or in their café across the street.   


Ivan plays a versatile role in the family business. He completed maritime school, but his love for his family and hospitality turned him in another direction. Today, you can very often see Ivan helping at the bar or working as a waiter, but he is also very skilled in administrative and booking tasks. Together with Margaret, he is responsible for the agile and good management of this complex family business. Just as every member of this family, Ivan fills his place perfectly in this hierarchy of hardworking people who dedicated their lives to tourism and provision of the best possible service to the tourists who enjoy their time in this family hotel.     


Margaret was born in the same year when the family opened their first boarding house and that is why the hotel was named after her. For over 30 years, this family maintains a high level of quality and services in tourism. Just as her brothers, Margaret also embraced the modern business approach and she is now responsible for the majority of tasks in the area of hotel administration, public relations and sales. Margaret is the symbol of the togetherness of the Šabalja family and of the overall effort of this family to be the best tourist service providers and to always be recognised as the leaders in the segment of the premium offer on the tourist scene of the island of Krk.   

The entire family cherishes the tradition and they are active members of the folklore society that preserves the indigenous language, folk costumes and old customs.  


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