Villa Margaret


The island of Krk’s wealth of cultural, historic and customary inheritance will be of interest to all those wanting to explore its centuries old past. Two most important finds are the Roman municipium Curicta (Krk) where Krk Cathedral is of particular importance, as it was the main church of the 1500 year old Krk Bishopy, as well as the long abandoned ancient town of Fulfinum near Omišalj, which was built in 1st century AD. In the 5th century, on the periphery of that ancient town, an impressive, early Christian complex Mirine was built, of which only the imposing church of Saint Nicholas still remains. There are numerous small ancient Croatian churches (St Donatus, St Krševan from the 9th century). The unique glagolitic heritage of the island of Krk is the Baška Tablet which dates back to 1100, the first written monument in Croatian language found in the church of Saint Lucy in Jurandvor. Of particular interest are the parochial church of St. Apolinar in Bogovići near Malinska, the church and gallery complex of St Nicholas in the centre of Malinska and the Franciscan monastery of S. Mary Magdalene in Porat where a valuable museum and ethnographic collection is kept.


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