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Villa Margaret Restaurant, Malinska  -  The Island of Krk

At Villa Margaret restaurant near Malinska on the Island of Krk, we source and serve locally caught seafood in a sophisticated yet fun environment. 

We are a sustainable, eco-conscious restaurant and bar, using seasonal, organic when possible, ingredients that reflect our commitment to the environment and, especially, marine life. Therefore, we give our Pledge that food and drink consumed at Villa Margaret Hotel Restaurant is fresh, creatively prepared, of the highest quality and has been harvested with integrity.

 A Mediterranean local cuisine at Villa Margaret restaurant
A Mediterranean local cuisine at Villa Margaret restaurant

“As a part of the Hotel Vila Margaret, the restaurant offers a delicious cuisine based on local ingredients from their organic garden and fresh fish and seafood caught by their boat. The most amazing view from the hotel and restaurant with silent private beach added to the charm. Perfect place for a peaceful getaway.” 


 A Mediterranean local cuisine 

A Mediterranean and local cuisine delicacies prepared with ingredients grown in our own garden will make your stay at Restaurant Villa Margaret unforgettable. Not just because of the food, but because we work as a family! It’s true that every team is a family, but this one is very passionate about what we do. We are crazy gourmands who want to make people who come to our restaurant happy and we 've taken that very seriously. 

Although the accent is on fish specialties, we pay tribute to other interesting cousins around the worlds. We have people who came from all around Croatia and have worked in other lands. So, we took something away from each place and that ended up reflected in your food. Our food has changed since we started the work irreversibly. 

The techniques and influences we 've taken, have really proved to be extraordinary. We are still working and researching in various fields to keep the magic alive! 

From nature to table 

Most wanted on our menu are Fish and seafood specialties, like shellfish and crabs, where we emphasize, that most of the fish comes from the Adriatic Sea, more precisely we are fishing ourselves. The shrimp come from Porat. To be more precise, they are caught by a family in the village, often nicknamed 'the shrimp family'. 

Except for sea food, a secondary essential item are vegetables. One of the most exciting things is food service business that grows produce on our own property. 

Restaurant Villa Margaret s garden, fresh vegetables
Restaurant Villa Margaret s garden, fresh vegetables

The restaurant was fueled by a desire among customers for fresher and more sustainable foods. We produce fresh healthy vegetables and herbs many months of the year. 

Restaurant Villa Margaret s garden, fresh Tomatoes
Restaurant Villa Margaret s garden, fresh Tomatoes

A small farm adjacent to an eating establishment keeps the path from farm to table about as short as it can get. Every day, it is a surprise to both the guests and us, since we are cooking seasonally. 

Although people are looking for more fish on the menu, there is also a menu for vegans and vegetarians. The menu is arranged according to wishes and possibilities. In restaurant offer, there is a quite long list of gluten free products, such as ravioli, bread & rolls, all kinds of pasta plus much more. That long list goes on for local cheeses, our own olive oil, vinegar and other home-produced delicacies. 

Home made rosemary bread, Olive Oil Villa Margaret
Home made rosemary bread, Olive Oil Villa Margaret

Our passion for creating remarkable experiences for every occasion... we hold ourselves accountable to delight every Guest that we serve.


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