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Spend Your Spring Holidays in Nature

The Time for your vacation has come!

Are you planning to visit Croatia, one of the most desirable destinations for 2019?
Croatia's largest island – Krk - the most accessible island as well as an excellent destination for families with children, active holiday seekers, couples in love, people of all generations, and Hotel Villa Margaret is welcoming You All.

When nature awakes from its long winter rest, life seems to be brighter and more beautiful again, especially in Croatia. Numerous things to see, many places to visit and a lot of nature!

Spend Your Spring Holidays in Nature, island Krk - Hotel Villa Margaret
Spend Your Spring Holidays in Nature, island Krk - Hotel Villa Margaret

Croatia is famous for its beautiful coast and beautiful beaches with crystal clear sea and unspoiled nature. You may not know this, but Croatia is also one of the European countries with the most award-winning destinations for sustainable, environmentally friendly tourism.
The place where the Hotel is located is Porat, a small enchanting location along the shore overlooking the sea to the town of Malinska, around 15 minutes from the bridge.
Preserved, enchanting, wildly old deciduous forests that surround you, are rare in the Mediterranean. If not the most beautiful one, then one of the most interesting and largest remaining, spacious submediterranean forests is on the island of Krk.

We can marvel you with beautiful meals (finger-licking good 100%), clean sea and summer beaches photos, but we are talking Spring now! You must at least be a bit in love with nature if you have chosen the island of Krk, just perfect for hiking, biking, running, exploring, or getting away from the crowds of towns. The island is full of hiking trails designed for the widest range of walks. Trails run along the coast of the island, passing numerous coves.

The attractiveness of such trails is in its pristine nature and numerous vistas.
There is 300 km of hiking trails on the island of Krk. The mentioned tracks are used as a new tourist attraction. They are especially attractive in the spring, as hiking lovers can make their stay on Krk in nature.
And no worries about the weather: Krk is counted among in the sunniest parts of Europe!

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