Villa Margaret

WELLNES & SPA - Hotel Villa Margaret

Welcome to the newly opened Wellness & Spa Hotel "Villa Margaret"; a relaxing oasis that will tell you the story of the rich variety of fragrances of the Golden Island -The Island of Krk

Find the peace and balance of body and spirit in the rich offer of our tailor-madetreatments just for you.Health and wellness have become a hot topic in recent years, and sometimes the answercan be found with a simple click of your mouse. 

Wellness & Spa - Hotel Villa Margaret
Wellness & Spa - Hotel Villa Margaret

Wellness experience

Along with natural products designed in a recognizable Modern/Mediterranean style, immerse yourself in the touch of the blue sea and enchanting sunlight on your body and face.

It’s known that many seek the ultimate wellness experience and are met with an overwhelming choice. Our body is an essential part of our life’s, that’s the reason why there are so many different therapies that help us get the highest quality like body-trembling massages, rejuvenating facials, and much more.

Well located in the city’s coast district and a few steps from the beach, the Villa Margaret Wellness and Spa is for hotel guests only, and like the hotel itself has a subtle Mediterian feel. There’s lots of rich woodwork, stone, and other natural materials, as well as motifs and a color palette reflective of the Island of Krk. The theme also signifies a transition very much in keeping with the spa philosophy of the Golden Island.

Let us take the stress away

Our bodies cannot handle stress appropriately without the removal of tension, and no drug or artificial stimulant can help us  relax better than a natural massage therapy treatment.Allow us to relax you with a combination of therapeutic skills, quiet music, and aromatherapy, which will all work together to help the body achieve a completely relaxed state.

You can choose between a Classic massage, Antistress massage, Foot massage, Anti-Cellulite Massage or Hot Stone Massage.The Villa’s modern design covers a total area of about 300 square meters and is also equipped with regular facilities such as pedicures, manicures, depilations, massages, facial treatments, 2 saunas, Turkish sauna & Finnish, jacuzzis, and a  "salty room" in which halotherapy is used for the treatment of respiratory diseases.

The Villa Margaret’s  Sauna
The Villa Margaret’s Sauna

The amazing thing is that the products are mostly local with both organic and cosmeceutical lines including Exfoliating fruit seeds, Aromassage 100% Natural or Aromassage Extreme comfort version.  Decleor products are being used in the treatments and sold in the retail area. Of course, the palette of our offer is much wider.

We work with Lavender, the genus helichrysum, a salt from The Island of Pag, and our homemade Olive Oil. Our wellness story is an experience of the five senses, so we combine scent, sounds, and touch.

Golden Island Stories 

Golden Island Stories are treatments we offer that are made by our experts. Golden harvest, Black Solace or element infusion are names we suggest you try.The Golden harvest treatment is a Body peeling ritual with indigenous ingredients fromthe island of Krk. Facial and body massage with essential oils of beneficial effect and the treatment last 75 minutes. 

Element infusion - is made with massage balls filled with Mediterranean flowers and essential oils.
Element infusion - is made with massage balls filled with Mediterranean flowers and essential oils.

The second treatment called Black solace is a Ritual, made with a healing mud and nutritious body massages. In the intimate ambiance of the exclusive Vichy Room, a mud mask accompanies a back and face massage, which will refresh your spirit and body.

The third treatment - Element infusion - is made with massage balls filled with Mediterranean flowers and essential oils.

We would like to point out that along with our single treatments, we also offer full wellness packages.First, there’s the Margaret´s Journey -a journey that will take you to 115 minutes of heaven. It contains a Wellness pedicure, Mediterranean peeling, relaxing back massage and a hydrating Decleor facial mask accompanied by a gastro offer.

To truly experience the Island of Krk with the entire body we have made the story for you. 

Gold island story offers you a Mediterranean peeling, autochthonous treatment and relaxing short facial treatment, followed by gastronomy offer from our restaurant

The longest and most powerful treatment is a Man experience with Powerful sports massage with relaxing short face and pedicure treatment also accompanied with gastro delicacies.

If interested, The spa’s signature treatments and the decision which product lines to use; you can always contact the Villa Margaret Hotel. Along with the spa and the superbly equipped wellness, there is also an outdoor pool with natural light and amazing city views.

Comfortably-sized treatment rooms, a manicure/pedicure area, the wellness, and spa are the perfect size to serve a 40-room hotel.A spa cuisine Menu, created by an executive chef from same named Villa Margaret Restaurant will be available in the hotel lounge and hotel rooms. 

We will be happy to welcome you!


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