Visit our gourmet premium seafood restaurant and taste freshly caught seafood from Adriatic

The long tradition of our gourmet premium seafood restaurant testifies to its reputation and lasting quality based on the incomparable preparation of a variety of seafood and meat dishes.

The gourmet menu is inspired by indigenous dishes that are passed down from generation to generation. Our top local chefs add a touch of contemporary culinary trends to traditional recipes.
Every day we go fishing with our boat, we cast nets in this area so You can taste the local.

The menu depends on the daily availability of fresh ingredients more precisely local freshly caught seafood.

What is caught, the Chef of the kitchen carefully plans for the daily menu.

Our friendly staff is always willing to explain every detail on the menu, fillet the fish to guests with less skillful landing, and often serve as promoters of national cuisine, especially the Mediterranean cuisine with which they are best known.

The Villa Margaret restaurant is proud of its tradition and the gourmet guests it has hosted.

Visit us and see what makes us the best seafood Gourmet Restaurant.